Top 3 Apps You Can Use for Journaling

Aside from coloring, journaling is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or gender. Over the years, stores (on- and offline) started selling specialized journals to cater to the growing population of individuals who liked writing (and posting photos) on their journals. Now, journaling has become more convenient because technology decided to step in. Of course, you can argue that it won’t be the same as smelling the papers of a traditional journal, but you have to agree that it is journaling apps for smartphones are handy and practical. You can bring them anywhere you want, and you can use them any time of the day because they’re not heavy, bulky, or big.

If you do not have one yet, here are three of the top choices for journaling apps that you should check out:



Day One is one of the most popular high-profile journaling apps nowadays. It has multiple features that you’re sure to love, such as auto-capture weather and location data options, photographic entries, a clean, attractive, and distraction-free interface, plus automatic tracking for photo EXIF data and activity date, among many others. Likewise, Day One Journal has a privacy passcode lock feature, which ensures security for all your journal entries. Additional features include inspirational quotes and customized writing reminders. If you’re using multiple Mac devices, syncing your entries is easy through the iCloud or Dropbox.


  1. JOURNEY – Android

One of the highly-rated journaling apps you’ll find in the market, Journey’s biggest advantage is its clean design. With this app, it will be easy for you to record and store photos, memories, and locations, among others. Journey also allows you to enjoy automatic weather logging, as well as geotagging locations with Google Places. Likewise, you can share your entries via various social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, and even on WordPress. It’s the best journaling app for Android users. Storing entries is convenient because of Google Drive.


  1. Momento – iOS

This iOS app follows an automated approach to journaling, so it’s perfect for those who do not like to dwell too much on details when logging in an entry. One of its most advantageous features is the ability to grab photos from your social media pages, particularly your pictures and videos on Facebook and Twitter.

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