Three Important Tips on How You Can Keep Your Email Secure

Email security is a common issue, but this is not surprising because online pirates and scammers proliferate on the Internet. Even with the highly-advanced technology we now enjoy, many still get spam and phishing messages, and other forms of online scamming. This is why email security should never be taken for granted no matter how advanced or high-tech your online security system or program already is.

You may have heard of or read these three email security tips time and again, but there’s nothing wrong with repeating them because they are important. It is essential for you to follow these tips. Do not take these three tips for granted unless you want your life to be destroyed by a simple email spam.

  1. Create different email accounts for various purposes.

Most people have only one email account, and this is where they do all their online transactions. One email for Facebook, for business matters, for personal emails, and for gaming. Everything in one email address, so if this email gets hacked or compromised, you lose everything essential to you. As in everything. To prevent this from happening, you should have different emails for your activities: one for social media accounts, another email for business purposes, a separate email for gaming, and another one for your personal activities.

  1. Choose a unique and unconventional password.

Passwords are supposed to keep our email accounts safe. But since online predators (i.e. spammers and hackers) are now more creative and daring, passwords can be easily stolen. To make sure this does not happen to you, choose a password that’s unique and unconventional. In other words, avoid using your birth date or wedding anniversary as the password. Also, do not use just one password for all your email accounts. Each password should be unique. This is an oft-repeated advice, but people seem to disregard this for some reason – until it’s too late and hackers have victimized them.

  1. Be careful what you open.

Do not open links in emails that are sent by unknown individuals. Do not click links that you did not ask for, are not expecting, or did not register for. The most common emails with spam and phishing links are those that sell products or services. Do not ever – not even for once – click links that come with these emails. They will lead you to a fake site without you knowing that your personal information has already been stolen.

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