As the ideal online destination focused on technology, Easy FP is dedicated to featuring high-quality content, especially those written by its community members and followers. Our technology experts and content managers are exceptional at what they do, but we want you to contribute to our community, too. Because we value you.

If you have an idea for technology-relevant content; if you are familiar with the latest technology updates, and if you are dedicated to helping people understand technology better, we want you to join our team. We want you to write for us. Here are some guidelines you need to follow if you want to be an Easy FP contributor.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Please go through the content on our site and observe our style, the article flow, and the general tone of our stories. Of course, you need to focus on topics or issues related to technology.
  1. We would appreciate it if you can send a draft or outline of your article before submitting it to us. We need to get an idea of what your content is about. Be sure to submit your document or content in Word format.
  1. We accept multiple submissions from one writer. However, the maximum is set at five (5) per writer. Also, your articles will be posted on different dates and times.
  1. Submit your articles via email to us. On the Subject box, please write: CONCTRIBUTE_(your first name).
  1. Please do not forget to include a short bio that includes URLs of your other online works (if applicable). Also, do attach a recent photo of yourself. We will post your photo beside your by-line.

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